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Madura foot: two case reports, review of the literature, and new developments with clinical correlation

  • Eric A. White
  • Dakshesh B. Patel
  • Deborah M. Forrester
  • Christopher J. Gottsegen
  • Emily O’Rourke
  • Paul Holtom
  • Timothy Charlton
  • George R. Matcuk
Case Report


“Madura foot” or pedal mycetoma is a rare destructive infection of the skin and subcutaneous tissues of the foot, progressing to involve muscle and bone. The infection can be caused by both bacteria and fungi. Infection typically follows traumatic implantation of bacteria or fungal spores, which are present in soil or on plant material. Clinically, this entity can be difficult to diagnose and can have an indolent and progressive course. Early diagnosis is important to prevent patient morbidity and mortality. We present two cases of pedal mycetoma, review the literature, review new developments in diagnosis, and discuss magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) features of this unusual entity.


Madura foot Pedal mycetoma Dot-in-circle sign 


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  • Dakshesh B. Patel
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  • Deborah M. Forrester
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  • Christopher J. Gottsegen
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  • Emily O’Rourke
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  • Paul Holtom
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  • Timothy Charlton
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  • George R. Matcuk
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