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Impact of dietary compounds on cancer-related gut microbiota and microRNA


Cancer is one of the most common causes of death worldwide. Extensive research has been conducted on cancer; regardless, the link between cancer and diet remains undetermined. Recent studies have emphasized the importance of miRNAs in cancer-associated pathways from the perspective of dietary modulation. We highlighted the recent data on dietary modulation of gut microbiota and miRNAs related to cancer on the basis of recently published results. The targets of miRNAs are oncogenes or tumor suppressors that mediate the progression and initiation of carcinogenesis. Different miRNAs display complex expression profiles in response to dietary manipulation. Various dietary components, such as fatty acids, resveratrol, isothiocyanate, and curcumin, have been effectively used in cancer prevention and treatment. This potency is attributed to the capability of these components to alter miRNA expression, thereby modulating the vital pathways involved in metastasis, invasion, apoptosis, tumor growth, and cell proliferation.

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This study was supported by the National Key Technology R&D Program (Grant no. 2015BAD16B02), National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant nos. 31201408 and 31471718). Also, the Dr. Amir Hussain (Department of medicine, Xian Jiaotong University, Xi’an 710072, Shaanxi, People ‘s Republic of China) revised the manuscript language.

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Muhammad Shahid Riaz Rajoka and Junling Shi wrote the review. All authors reviewed the manuscript.

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