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Re-defining gender diversity through an equitable and inclusive lens


Gender diversity in radiology has centered on the societal construct of the gender binary, with significant work focused on increasing the number of women in radiology. Along with this critically important goal, it is imperative that we acknowledge gender is more expansive than a binary category because it represents a spectrum of gender identities. The discussion of this spectrum is lacking in our conversations around gender diversity and equity in radiology. Addressing equity for people of all gender identities is beneficial for us all. We define three key areas of focus: (1) improving fundamental knowledge about gender diversity and application of this knowledge in education, (2) recruiting and retaining gender-diverse physicians and (3) specific diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) policy to support gender-affirming environments. Improved understanding and inclusion of the full spectrum of gender in these areas will improve diversity and equity, and, in turn, enhance creativity and innovation in radiology.

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