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Table 1 Standardised provisional report issued for a nasogastric tube check radiograph identified as a complex examination during the requesting process

From: Immediate chest radiograph interpretation by radiographers improves patient safety related to nasogastric feeding tube placement in children

Complex examination determinants for nasogastric tube check radiograph
Note: The decision to feed lies with the staff on the ward.
• A radiographer comment on the nasogastric tube position has not been provided for this radiograph because “yes” was answered to at least one of following questions at the time of requesting:
- Does this patient have a nasojejunal tube in situ as well as a nasogastric tube?
- Does this patient have oesophageal atresia?
- Does this patient have a hiatus hernia?
- Is this patient have postoperative gastric pull?
• If an immediate radiologic report is required, this can be obtained upon request to a radiologist
• A final interpretation will be provided by a radiologist