Pediatric Radiology

, Volume 48, Issue 6, pp 764–782 | Cite as

Anatomy and injuries of the pediatric wrist: beyond the basics

  • Ezekiel Maloney
  • Andrew M. Zbojniewicz
  • Jie Nguyen
  • Yu Luo
  • Mahesh M. Thapa


Ligamentous injuries of the pediatric wrist, once thought to be relatively uncommon, are increasingly recognized in the context of acute high-energy mechanism trauma and chronic axial loading, including those encountered in both recreational and high-performance competitive sports. Recent advances in MR-based techniques for imaging the pediatric wrist allow for sensitive identification of these often radiographically occult injuries. Detailed knowledge of the intrinsic and supportive extrinsic ligamentous complexes, as well as normal developmental anatomy and congenital variation, are essential to accurately diagnose injuries to these structures. Early identification of ligamentous injury of the pediatric wrist is essential within the conservative treatment culture of modern pediatric orthopedics because treatment of these lesions often necessitates surgery, and outcomes often depend on early and sometimes aggressive intervention. In this article, we review MR arthrogram technique and pediatric wrist anatomy, and correlate appearances on MR and selected ligamentous pathologies of the pediatric wrist.


Children Imaging Injury Magnetic resonance arthrography Magnetic resonance imaging Wrist 



Dr. Maloney is supported, in part, through a National Institutes of Health, National Research Service Award training grant held by the University of Washington Gastroenterology Division.

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