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Diagnostic imaging of child abuse (3rd edn), by P. K. Kleinman (ed)

Cambridge, 2015, Hardcover 750 pp, 1,930 illustrations, English, ISBN 9781107010536, US $232
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We live in the age of the internet, where a wealth of online information can answer a host of questions, both personal and professional. In this age, innumerable online pundits are happy to offer advice. Now imagine you are at work in a dark reading room … alone. You have a case that befuddles you, so you just ask Dr. Google, or check any one of the online databases that exhaustively cover the medical literature to access the cornucopia of online information, all without leaving your comfy chair.

There is one situation, though, where I find myself constantly leaving the friendly confines of my ergonomic reading chair. It is the minefield of non-accidental trauma. The legal and medical landscape is very complex, and there is a need for an authoritative text that in a single edition informs the health care provider of the known facts and controversies in the setting of child abuse, its mimics, and its various presentations.

Type of bookThe updated third edition of Dr. Paul Kleinman’s...

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