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The Pediatric Cardiology Pharmacopeia: 2013 Update

  • Paul Nicholas SeverinEmail author
  • Sawsan Awad
  • Beth Shields
  • Joan Hoffman
  • William Bonney
  • Edmundo Cortez
  • Rani Ganesan
  • Aloka Patel
  • Steve Barnes
  • Sean Barnes
  • Shada Al-Anani
  • Umang Gupta
  • Yolandee Bell Cheddar
  • Ismael E. Gonzalez
  • Kiran Mallula
  • Hani Ghawi
  • Suhaib Kazmouz
  • Salwa Gendi
  • Ra-id Abdulla
Review Article


The use of medications plays a pivotal role in the management of children with heart diseases. Most children with increased pulmonary blood flow require chronic use of anticongestive heart failure medications until more definitive interventional or surgical procedures are performed. The use of such medications, particularly inotropic agents and diuretics, is even more amplified during the postoperative period. Currently, children are undergoing surgical intervention at an ever younger age with excellent results aided by advanced anesthetic and postoperative care. The most significant of these advanced measures includes invasive and noninvasive monitoring as well as a wide array of pharmacologic agents. This review update provides a medication guide for medical practitioners involved in care of children with heart diseases.


Congestive heart failure Pediatric cardiology Pharmacologic agents Pharmacopeia Inotropes Vasodilators Antiarrhythmic Fetal drugs Anticoagulants Diuretics 


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