Pediatric Cardiology

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Pediatric Cardiology: Pediatrics or Cardiology?

  • Ra-id Abdulla

The identity of pediatric cardiology as a distinct subspecialty is well-defined. The discipline of pediatric cardiology in the United States attained early distinction among pediatric subspecialties through well-defined training programs and board certification by the American Board of Pediatrics. Pediatric cardiologists in the majority of countries worldwide enter the field of pediatric cardiology after completion of training in general pediatrics, thus emphasizing the link of this field to that of pediatrics. The patients we are asked to attend to are referred from pediatricians; and in managing children with congenital or acquired heart diseases we rely significantly on colleagues from other subspecialties of pediatrics, such as neonatology, pediatric intensive care, gastroenterology, neurology, etc.

Pediatric cardiology was not always recognized as a subfield of pediatrics. A few decades ago even the discipline of pediatrics was a subfield of internal medicine. Pediatricians were...


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