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Quantification of Right and Left Ventricular Volumes in Children with Congenital Heart Disease by Multidetector-Row Computed Tomography


Multidetector-row computed tomography (MDCT) of the heart is a new diagnostic approach for the quantitative evaluation of the coronary artery in adults. However, in children, the quantitative analysis of each cardiac chamber has not been established. We attempt to clarify the feasibility and validation of ECG-gated MDCT as a quantitative diagnostic tool to assess the right and left ventricular volume in children. The study consisted of 16 patients who had definite right and left ventricle. After obtaining multislice images by MDCT, we measured the end diastolic volume of both the right and the left ventricle by direct calculation of the region of interest and calculation from the projected image of three-dimensional reconstruction by traditional formulas. The correlation between the two calculations for both ventricles is excellent (r = 0.99 for LV and 0.94 for RV, respectively). The correlations for ventricular volume between calculation of catheterization and calculation of MDCT is also good (r = 0.99 for LV 0.99 for RV, respectively). Volume measurement by ECG-gated MDCT of the right and left ventricles is well correlated with that by catheterization in children and can reduce the necessity for cardiac catheterization.

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