Pareto Fronts of the Set of Sustainable Thresholds for Constrained Control Systems


This paper is concerned with a dual object of the so-called viability kernel of a control system with mixed (state-control) constraints. This object, called the set of sustainable thresholds, describes the possible thresholds for which a given initial condition is viable. In this work, we are concerned with characterizing the weak and strong Pareto fronts of the set of sustainable thresholds and providing a practical method for computing such objects based on optimal control theory and a level-set approach. A numerical example, relying on renewable resource management, is shown to demonstrate the proposed method.

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  1. 1.

    Following Theorem 2, for vectors \(\bar{c} \notin {\mathbb {S}}(\xi )\), one has \(\omega _{\xi }\left( {\bar{c}}\right) > 0\). In this example, we are considering constraints in the opposite sense (see Remark 7), so we obtain the same result with the opposite sign for the function \(\omega _{\xi }\left( {\cdot }\right) \).


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  • Set of sustainable thresholds
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  • Level-set approach
  • Dynamic programming

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