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Commentary on “The use of the Internet and social software by plastic surgeons” by R.G.J. Stevens et al.

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The authors should be complimented for carrying out a study on the Internet, social media and plastic surgeons. The use of Web 2.0 technology and social media for spreading or exchanging information, whether for personal or professional purposes, is on the rise. Europe already has 476,278,755 of Internet users, and the Internet penetration in European population is 58% [1].

Notwithstanding, many physicians still do not completely realize the potential of social media. By its use, plastic surgeons with similar interests can exchange information that is relevant to them, making the process of continuing medical education a more productive one.

With this purpose, at the beginning of this year the European Journal of Plastic Surgery launched its Facebook and Twitter pages with great success. Nowadays, our journal has over 2,400 followers on Facebook [2] and over 700 on Twitter [3].

Social media is a great communication tool that allows time-efficient and cost-effective spread and exchange of information. Undoubtedly, it is also a powerful source of education for plastic surgeons.


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