Use of the AccuVein device to map the superficial venous system


The AccuVein AV300 device (AccuVein LLC, New York) was initially developed as an aid to venepuncture. It is a portable, handheld device that emits infrared light which is absorbed by haemoglobin, illuminating the position of superficial veins. In this article, we describe a novel application of this device in providing a map of superficial veins to aid vein graft harvest and other plastic surgery procedures.

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    Sánchez-Morago GV, Sánchez Coello MD, Villafranca Casanoves A, Cantero Almena JM, Migallón Buitrago ME, Carrero Caballero MC (2010) [Viewing veins with AccuVein AV300]. Rev Enferm 33(1):33–8 [Article in Spanish]

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Product: AccuVein AV300 (AccuVein LLC, New York).

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