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Clinical outcome and long-term follow-up after liposuction procedures


Liposuction is one of the most common aesthetic procedure used in plastic surgery. Reports are available on the results, the probable complications, and the feedback of patients. However, systematic studies dealing with these aspects using reliable large-enough data are still needed. The data comprised 116 procedures during a 6-year period up to 2005. The data were processed and categories of results were formed. Furthermore, a follow-up examination and a survey on the feedback of patients were carried out. Significant differences were identified in indications, results, and complications. The follow-up examinations and the survey showed satisfying results. In the majority of cases, surgeons were satisfied with the operations. In conclusion, if conducted by qualified surgeons in appropriate surgical conditions and postoperative care possibilities, liposuction may be considered as a reliable surgical procedure. The success of this procedure depends, however, on suitable infrastructure and operative competence.

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