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Hypospadias Surgery: an Illustrated Guide

Edited by A.T. Hadidi and A.F. Azmy: Springer, Berlin, 2004
  • C. R. J. WoodhouseEmail author
Book Review

It would be usual for an author to declare conflicting interests at the end of an article. However, where a eulogy is about to be printed, it seems correct to make such a declaration at the beginning. Your reviewer wrote one of the chapters in this book.

It might be considered surprising that it should be necessary to produce a book of 347 pages on the construction of a tube that is usually less than 20 mm long for a largely cosmetic indication. Those who believe this should either refrain from operating on cases of hypospadias or read this book in detail.

Those who wish to add to the 212 named operations for hypospadias must first read the opening section (32% of the book). Here it will be discovered that their operation probably is not new. The principle of a tube with incomplete epithelial cover which is a major component of the currently favoured Snodgrass procedure, was described by Duplay in 1880. Sometimes the positioning of two extra sutures constitutes a named operation, as in...

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