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Reconstruction of iatrogenic skin defects of the Achilles tendon region: an analysis of 25 consecutive patients

  • Stefan O. P. HoferEmail author
Invited Commentary

Koski et al. describe their experience with treatment of a heterogenous group of 25 consecutive patients with iatrogenic skin defects of the Achilles tendon region. In their series they treated 25 patients with local skin defects after Achilles tendon surgery for rupture or chronic tendonitis. The methods of closure ranged from direct closure to free tissue transfer. Of the patients 12 needed one or two revisional surgeries as extensive as a free flap to achieve wound healing. The authors describe that all their patients returned to work within approximately two months. They conclude that reconstruction of these defects should be tailored to the defect in the individual patient.

The authors provide us with a frank description of their experience in treating a difficult clinical problem. Adequate treatment of non-healing wounds in the Achilles tendon area are challenging. This fact is clearly illustrated by their data where 14 revisional surgeries were needed in their 25 patients....


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