Thoughts on “Is advanced neuroimaging for neuroradiologists?” by S. Cocozza and the content of “Neuroradiolgy”

A Letter to the Editor to this article was published on 01 February 2017

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  1. 1.

    Cocozza S, Russo C, Pontillo G, Ugga L, Macera A, Cervo A et al (2016) Is advanced neuroimaging for neuroradiologists? A systematic review of the scientific literature of the last decade. Neuroradiology 58:1233–1239

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  2. 2.

    Metting Z, Rödiger LA, de Jong BM, Stewart RE, Kremer BP, van der Naalt J (2010) Acute cerebral perfusion CT abnormalities associated with posttraumatic amnesia in mild head injury. J Neurotrauma 27(12):2183–2189

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  3. 3.

    Metting Z, Rödiger LA, De Keyser J, van der Naalt J (2007) Structural and functional neuroimaging in mild-to-moderate head injury. Lancet Neurol 6:699–710

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  4. 4.

    Zhang H, Rödiger LA, Shen T, Miao J, Oudkerk M (2008) Preoperative subtyping of meningiomas by perfusion MR imaging. Neuroradiology 50:835–840

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  5. 5.

    Metting Z, Cerliani L, Rödiger LA, van der Naalt J (2013) Pathophysiological concepts in mild traumatic brain injury: diffusion tensor imaging related to acute perfusion CT imaging. PLoS One 8:e64461

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