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Levi’s Commutator Theorems for Cancellative Semigroups


A conjecture of Padmanabhan, on provability in cancellative semigroups, is addressed. Several of Levi’s group theory commutator theorems are proved for cancellative semigroups. The proofs, found by automated deduction, support the conjecture.

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Correspondence to R. Padmanabhan, W. McCune or R. Veroff.

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Padmanabhan, R., McCune, W. & Veroff, R. Levi’s Commutator Theorems for Cancellative Semigroups. Semigroup Forum 71, 152–157 (2005).

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  • Group Theory
  • Automate Deduction
  • Cancellative Semigroup
  • Theory Commutator
  • Commutator Theorem