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Vapour-liquid rebalancing behaviour of free water evaporation kinetics: experimental investigation and modelling


Drying and moisture evaporation are inextricably linked and major attention is focused on thermal conditions. But the non-thermal factors, especially the relative humidity and air distribution of wet air, also affects drying kinetics. Aiming to obtain the drying kinetic features of water evaporation under isothermal conditions, an experimental investigation was conducted using a variation of each single variable method. The experimental phenomena of non-thermal factors affecting evaporation kinetics under different isothermal process were presented. The results show that water evaporation rate is linear with vapor partial pressure difference under constant temperature condition, and nonlinear change in evaporation rate is caused by wet air flow hindering factors, i.e. the wall height above water surface. A vapour-liquid rebalancing behaviour hypothesis was concluded basing on the results, that water is dried by turning into saturated vapour then being transferred through convection and diffusion. The stronger capability to remove saturated water vapor from the liquid surface is associated with higher evaporation rate. A comprehensive evaporation kinetic model was obtained basing on experimental data and the prediction accuracy is verified by an out of sample experiment. The most probable physical reasons behind the thermal condition change caused parameter change rules were interpreted. This proposed vapor–liquid rebalancing hypothesis shows a consistent behavior with respect to drying theory.

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A :

Experimentally used evaporation area (mm2)

\({A}_{\#3}\) :

Experimentally used evaporation area marked as #3 (mm2)

\({A}_{mc}\) :

Coefficient of the evaporation area modification under the effect of the uneven characteristic of RLc

\(H{|}_{r}\) :

Wall resistance height under a constant evaporation radius (mm)

K :

Coefficient of evaporation mass transfer (kg/[m•s2])

K cd :

Coefficient of convection–diffusion evaporation mass transfer (kg/[m•s2])

K d :

Coefficient of pure diffusion evaporation mass transfer (kg/[m•s2])

K cd #3 :

Kcd obtained experimentally under the condition of A#3 (kg/[m•s2])

p sat :

Partial pressure of saturated water vapor (Pa)

p w, v :

Water vapor partial pressure of wet air (Pa)

\(\Delta p{|}_{T}\) :

Water vapor partial pressure difference for mass transfer at temperature T (Pa)

\(r{|}_{H}\) :

Evaporation radius under constant wall resistance height (mm)

R :

Evaporation rate (kg/[m2•s])

R Lc :

Local evaporation rate (kg/[m2•s])

R cd :

Convection–diffusion evaporation rate (kg/[m2•s])

R d :

Pure diffusion evaporation rate (kg/[m2•s])

R c :

Comprehensive evaporation rate (kg/[m2•s])

R cd #3 :

Rcd obtained experimentally under the condition of \({A}_{\#3}\) (kg/[m2•s])

T :

Experimentally controlled wet air temperature (°C)


Experimentally controlled wet air relative humidity

Lc :


r :


H :


c :


w :


v :


sat :


T :


cd :

Convection and diffusion

d :


mc :

Modification coefficient

i :

Serial component

G :

Components of PararGa


Relative humidity


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This work is supported by the National Key Research and Development Program of China (No.2018YFB0606104).

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All authors contributed to the study conception and design. Conceptualization, investigation, methodology, visualization and writing were performed by Liuan Yang. Material and experimental resources were performed by Shaowu Yin, Chuanping Liu and Peikun Zhang. Supervision, writing, review and editing were performed by Lige Tong, Li Wang and Yulong Ding. The first draft of the manuscript was written by Liuan Yang and all authors commented on previous versions of the manuscript. All authors read and approved the final manuscript.

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Correspondence to Lige Tong.

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