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The role of leak air in a double-wall chimney


In modern buildings with tight shells, often room-independent air supply is required for proper operation of biomass stoves. One possibility to arrange this supply is to use a double-wall chimney with flue gas leaving through the pipe and fresh air entering through the annular gap. A one-dimensional quasi-static model based on balance equations has been developed and compared with experimental data. Inclusion of leak air is crucial for reproduction of the experimental results.

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The authors are grateful to Schiedel AG, in particular to Gerald Steinecker, for the excellent cooperation during the research project.The model has been developed in the project FLOWS within the framework of the competence center Bioenergy 2020+. The competence center Bioenergy 2020+ is supported in the framework of COMETCompetence Centers for Excellent Technologies by BMVIT, BMWFJ and the provinces of Burgenland, Niederösterreich and Steiermark. The program is operated by the FFG.

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  • Heat Transfer Coefficient
  • Leakage Rate
  • Pipe Wall
  • Passive House
  • Biomass Stove