Heat and Mass Transfer

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Vortex shedding around a heated square cylinder under the influence of buoyancy

  • S. BhattacharyyaEmail author
  • S. Mahapatra


The influence of buoyancy on vortex shedding and heat transfer from a cylinder of square cross-section exposed to a horizontal stream has been studied.Unsteady Navier-Stokes and energy equations are solved numerically using a control volume approach. Flow field has been analysed for a wide range of Reynolds number (which is based on the cross-sectional height of the cylinder) and Grashof number with Richardson number between 0 to 1. Our results show that the centerline symmetry of the wake is lost and the cylinder experiences a downwards lift when the buoyancy effect is considered. Vortex shedding suppression doesn’t occur in the present case in which the cylinder is exposed to a horizontal cross-flow. Heat transfer from the cylinder increases due to increase in Reynolds number and Grashof number.


Vortex Heat Transfer Reynolds Number Shear Layer Strouhal Number 
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List of symbols


Lift coefficient


Pressure coefficient


Specific heat at constant pressure

\(\overline {C_{\text {L}}} \)

Time-averaged lift coefficient

\(\overline {C_{\text{D}}} \)

Time-averaged drag coefficient

\(\overline {C_{\text {p}}} \)

Time-averaged pressure coefficient


Gravitational acceleration


Grashof number =gβ (Tw - T_0)H32


Height of the cylinder


Local Nusselt number


Surface average heat transfer at each face of the cylinder


Total heat transfer from the cylinder

\(\overline {{\text {Nu}}} \)

Time-average local Nusselt number on the surface of the cylinder

\(\overline {{\text{Nu}}_{{\text {total}}}} \)

Total mean Nusselt number on the cylinder


Dimensionless pressure


Prandtl number =μ c p


Reynolds number = UH


Raichardson number = Gr/Re 2


Strouhal number = fH/U


Period of vortex shedding/dimensional temperature


Dimensional lower temperature


Dimensional higher temperature


Dimensionless time

\(\overline t \)

Dimensional time


Reference horizontal velocity


x-component of velocity


Vertical distance

Greek symbols


Thermal coefficient of volume expansion


A small positive quentity


Dimensionless temperature


Kinematic viscosity coefficient


Thermal conductivity


Co-efficient of viscosity


Fluid density



In the undisturbed fluid


At the wall


Dimensional quentity



One of the authors (S.B.) wish to thank CSIR, India for providing financial support.


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