Heat and Mass Transfer

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Local heat transfer coefficients around a horizontal heated tube immersed in a gas fluidized bed

  • M. A. AL-BusoulEmail author
  • S. K. Abu-Ein


The heat transfer characteristics around a single horizontal heated tube immersed in air fluidized bed was investigated, to clarify the mechanism of heat transfer in a fluidized bed heat exchanger. The local heat transfer coefficient around the tube was measured at various fluidization velocities and five different solid particles. The experimental values of the local heat transfer coefficient at the minimum fluidization velocity condition were correlated with the particle size in two empirical equations. The predicted results were in good agreement with the experiment data.


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area of heat transfer surface, (m2.)


Archamedes number, (dp3 g ρgp – ρg)/m2g


bed diameter, (m)


particle diameter, (m)


fluidized bed height, (m)


static bed height, (m)


heat transfer coefficient, (W/m2k)


thermal conductivity of gas, (W/m k)


Nusselt number, (h dp/kg)


heat transfer rate, (W)


bed temperature, (k)


heat transfer surface, temperature (k)


gas velocity, (m/s)


minimum fluidizing velocity, (m/s)

1 – ε

concentration of solid particles in fluidized bed

1 – εo

concentration of particles in static bed


density of gas, (kg/m3)


density of solid particles, (kg/m3)


apparent density of solid, (kg/m3)


viscosity of gas, (kg/ms)


degree from front stagnation point of tub


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  1. 1.Mechanical Engineering Department, Amman College For Engineering, Technology, Al-Balqa Applied University, P.O Box 15008 Amman, Jordan

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