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On a class of geodesic orbit spaces with abelian isotropy subgroup


Riemannian geodesic orbit spaces (G/Hg) are natural generalizations of symmetric spaces, defined by the property that their geodesics are orbits of one-parameter subgroups of G. We study the geodesic orbit spaces of the form (G/Sg), where G is a compact, connected, semisimple Lie group and S is abelian. We give a simple geometric characterization of those spaces, namely that they are naturally reductive. In turn, this yields the classification of the invariant geodesic orbit (and also the naturally reductive) metrics on any space of the form G/S. Our approach involves simplifying the intricate parameter space of geodesic orbit metrics on G/S by reducing their study to certain submanifolds and generalized flag manifolds, and by studying properties of root systems of simple Lie algebras associated to these manifolds.

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