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On accumulation points of pseudo-effective thresholds


We characterize a k-th accumulation point of pseudo-effective thresholds of n-dimensional varieties as certain invariant associates to a numerically trivial pair of an \((n-k)\)-dimensional variety. This characterization is applied towards Fujita’s log spectrum conjecture for large k.

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J. H. thanks his advisor Gang Tian for constant supports and encouragement. Z. L. thanks Chen Jiang for extensive discussions on special cases related to the problem. The first part of the paper was completed in the summer of 2017 while Z. L. stayed at the University of Lübeck and he thanks the quiet environment provided by the Zentrale Hochschulbibliothek Lübeck. Both authors thank Chenyang Xu for constant supports. Both authors also thank the anonymous referee for carefully reading the manuscript and providing constructive suggestions. This work is partially supported by NSFC Grant No. 11601015.

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