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Special values of anticyclotomic L-functions modulo λ

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The purpose of this article is to generalize some results of Vatsal on the special values of Rankin–Selberg L-functions in an anticyclotomic \({\mathbb{Z}_{p}}\)-extension. Let g be a cuspidal Hilbert modular newform of parallel weight \({(2,\ldots,2)}\) and level \({\mathcal{N}}\) over a totally real field F, and let K/F be a totally imaginary quadratic extension of relative discriminant \({\mathcal{D}}\). We study the l-adic valuation of the special values \({L(g,\chi,\frac{1}{2})}\) as \({\chi}\) varies over the ring class characters of K of \({\mathcal{P}}\)-power conductor, for some fixed prime ideal \({\mathcal{P}}\) . We prove our results under the only assumption that the prime to \({\mathcal{P}}\) part of \({\mathcal{N}}\) is relatively prime to \({\mathcal{D}}\).

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