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Table 1 Scale used to assess abundance of Padina pavonica at survey locations

From: The calcareous brown alga Padina pavonica in southern Britain: population change and tenacity over 300 years

A Abundant: >100 clumps per 5-min search; cover frequently exceeds 25 %
C Common: 51–100 clumps per 5-min search; cover occasionally exceeds 25 %
F Frequent: 11–50 clumps per 5-min search
O Occasional: 2–10 clumps per 5-min search
R Rare: 1–11 clumps in 30-min search
N None found in 30-min searching
  1. A ‘clump’ refers to an isolated group of fronds >20 cm from another group of fronds. Timed searches were carried out by a single fieldworker. The percentage cover values refer to estimates within a gridded 0.25 m2 quadrat placed over clumps