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Quantum Hall Effect and Quillen Metric


We study the generating functional, the adiabatic curvature and the adiabatic phase for the integer quantum Hall effect (QHE) on a compact Riemann surface. For the generating functional we derive its asymptotic expansion for the large flux of the magnetic field, i.e., for the large degree k of the positive Hermitian line bundle L k. The expansion consists of the anomalous and exact terms. The anomalous terms are the leading terms of the expansion. This part is responsible for the quantization of the adiabatic transport coefficients in QHE. We then identify the non-local (anomalous) part of the expansion with the Quillen metric on the determinant line bundle, and the subleading exact part with the asymptotics of the regularized spectral determinant of the Laplacian for the line bundle L k, at large k. Finally, we show how the generating functional of the integer QHE is related to the gauge and gravitational (2+1)d Chern–Simons functionals. We observe the relation between the Bismut-Gillet-Soulé curvature formula for the Quillen metric and the adiabatic curvature for the electromagnetic and geometric adiabatic transport of the integer Quantum Hall state. We then obtain the geometric part of the adiabatic phase in QHE, given by the Chern–Simons functional.

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