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On Transport Properties of Isotropic Quasiperiodic XY Spin Chains



We consider isotropic XY spin chains whose magnetic potentials are quasiperiodic and the effective one-particle Hamiltonians have absolutely continuous spectra. For a wide class of such XY spin chains, we obtain lower bounds on their Lieb–Robinson velocities \({\mathfrak{v}}\) in terms of group velocities of their effective Hamiltonians:
$$\mathfrak{v}{\geqslant} {\mathop {\rm ess sup}_{[0,1]}}\frac{2}{\pi}\frac{dE}{dN}.$$
where E is considered as a function of the integrated density of states.


Lyapunov Exponent Rotation Number Ballistic Transport Quantum Spin System Singular Continuous Spectrum 


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