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Conical Kähler–Einstein Metrics Revisited

  • Chi LiEmail author
  • Song Sun


In this paper we introduce the “interpolation–degeneration” strategy to study Kähler–Einstein metrics on a smooth Fano manifold with cone singularities along a smooth divisor that is proportional to the anti-canonical divisor. By “interpolation” we show the angles in (0, 2π] that admit a conical Kähler–Einstein metric form a connected interval, and by “degeneration” we determine the boundary of the interval in some important cases. As a first application, we show that there exists a Kähler–Einstein metric on \({\mathbb{P}^2}\) with cone singularity along a smooth conic (degree 2) curve if and only if the angle is in (π/2, 2π]. When the angle is 2π/3 this proves the existence of a Sasaki–Einstein metric on the link of a three dimensional A 2 singularity, and thus answers a question posed by Gauntlett–Martelli–Sparks–Yau. As a second application we prove a version of Donaldson’s conjecture about conical Kähler–Einstein metrics in the toric case using Song–Wang’s recent existence result of toric invariant conical Kähler–Einstein metrics.


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