Sugars and acids of strawberry varieties


 The sugar and acid compositions of six strawberry (Fragaria×ananassa Duch.) varieties from 1997 and 1998, grown in different conditions, 26 samples in all, were investigated by GC as trimethylsilyl derivatives. The major sugars were glucose (1.89–4.52 g/100 ml), fructose (2.14–4.14 g/100 ml) and sucrose (0.90–3.87 g/100 ml), the major acids being citric (0.73–1.58 g/100 ml) and malic (0.22–0.69 g/100 ml). Total sugar content (glucose+fructose+sucrose) varied from 5.35 g/100 ml to 10.96 g/100 ml in accordance with soluble solids (°Brix). The correlation between them showed a linear regression y=0.873x-0.420, the percentage of determination of the regression model being 82.1%. Among one variety only, ‘Senga Sengana’, the percentage of the model was 86.9%. No significant differences were found between the strawberries from conventional versus those from organic farms. Contents of sugars and soluble solids were lower in varieties ‘Jonsok’ and ‘Honeoye’ than in ‘Korona’, ‘Bounty’ and ‘Polka’. The concentrations of malic acid were significantly higher in Senga Sengana, Jonsok and Bounty than in other varieties.

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Received: 9 February 2000

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Kallio, H., Hakala, M., Pelkkikangas, A. et al. Sugars and acids of strawberry varieties. Eur Food Res Technol 212, 81–85 (2000).

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