Fatty acid composition and tocopherol content of the kernel oil from apricot varieties (Hasanbey, Hacihaliloglu, Kabaasi and Soganci) collected at different harvest times


The oil content of ‘Hasanbey’ apricot kernels (Prunus armeniaca L.) was created from harvest-1 (14.6.2011) (35.80 %; v/w) and harvest-4 (6.7.2011) (49.00 %; v/w). In addition, the oil content of ‘Kabaasi’ apricot kernels is created from 28.0 to 49.2 % (v/w) between the same harvests. The oleic acid of ‘Hasanbey’ nut oil is created from 42.94 to 59.13 % (v/w) from harvest-1 to harvest-4. The linoleic acid concentration in the same variety ranged from 44.99 to 31.71 % (v/w) depending on harvest times. In addition, ‘Hacihaliloglu’ apricot nut oil contained 45.74 % (harvest-1) to 66.79 % (harvest-4) oleic acid and 43.50 (v/w) to 24.43 % (v/w) linoleic acid at harvest-1 and harvest-4, respectively. The γ-tocopherol content of Hacihaliloglu ranged from 47.63 mg/100 g (v/w) to 27.15 mg/100 g depending on maturation.

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