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Influence of technological practices on biogenic amine contents in red wines


To investigate the enological factors associated with biogenic amine content in wines, 224 samples of red wine were industrially manufactured. Differences in the amines and corresponding precursor amino acids of these wines due to their producing cellar and vintage were examined. The main effects of some technological procedures in the biogenic amine content of these wines was also described using multifactor analysis of variance. The results of the study indicate that vintage can clearly influence the amine contents of wines. It was also noticed that some enological practices widely used to enhance wine quality, such as the ageing of wine on lees and, mainly, longer grape skin maceration, strongly increased biogenic amine concentration. However, the addition of pectolytic enzymes did not favour the accumulation of any biogenic amine. With this study, it was also possible to conclude that the inoculation of wine with commercial malolactic starters minimises the levels of biogenic amines.

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This work was supported by grants AGL2003-02436 and PTR1995-0736-OP, from the Spanish Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia. We acknowledge the wineries for providing appropriate samples for the experiments carried out in this study. We also thank Amaia Rozados for her assistance. A. Marcobal is a recipient of a predoctoral fellowship from the Comunidad de Madrid.

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