Characterisation of traditional Albanian breads derived from different cereals


The long isolation of Albania and the scarcity of raw materials has traditionally led to the production of bread from crops other than wheat, like maize, which is the basic ingredient for maize bread (bukë misri), rye, which is used to prepare rye bread (bukë thekre), and chick-pea, used in chick-pea bread (bukë me qiqre). Today, these traditional breads are accompanied by other types, such as brown bread from soft wheat (bukë zize). In the present work, the traditional Albanian breads were characterised in order to assess their quality. The results obtained indicated that the protein content reflected the characteristics of the raw material used, being higher in the chick-pea bread and in bread made from high extraction rate wheat flour, while both fat and yellow pigment levels were higher in maize bread. A high humidity value was found in many of the breads examined, especially in maize bread, with consequent risks of moulds and a shortened shelf-life.

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