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Application of ion exclusion chromatography (IEC) for the determination of sugar and carboxylic acids in hydrolysates from carbohydrate containing residues


The oxidation of carbohydrate containing biomass residues by nitric acid yields several organic acids, especially sugar acids. To improve existing methods for the separation of such substance combinations by ion exclusion chromatography, the influence of temperature and eluant (proton) concentration on the retention behaviour and separation of 31 analytes belonging to substance groups like sugar acids, lactones, hydroxy-, mono- and polycarboxylic acids was checked with a Merck cation exchange column “Polyspher OA-HY”. By a combination of two Chromatographic parameter sets the Chromatographic versatility could be enhanced. The developed Chromatographic method is a useful tool for the analytical characterisation of organic acids in hydrolysates of biomass residues.

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Bipp, H.P., Fischer, K., Bieniek, D. et al. Application of ion exclusion chromatography (IEC) for the determination of sugar and carboxylic acids in hydrolysates from carbohydrate containing residues. Z. Anal. Chem. 357, 321–325 (1997).

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  • Lactone
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