Challenges of big data integration in the life sciences


Big data has been reported to be revolutionizing many areas of life, including science. It summarizes data that is unprecedentedly large, rapidly generated, heterogeneous, and hard to accurately interpret. This availability has also brought new challenges: How to properly annotate data to make it searchable? What are the legal and ethical hurdles when sharing data? How to store data securely, preventing loss and corruption? The life sciences are not the only disciplines that must align themselves with big data requirements to keep up with the latest developments. The large hadron collider, for instance, generates research data at a pace beyond any current biomedical research center. There are three recent major coinciding events that explain the emergence of big data in the context of research: the technological revolution for data generation, the development of tools for data analysis, and a conceptual change towards open science and data. The true potential of big data lies in pattern discovery in large datasets, as well as the formulation of new models and hypotheses. Confirmation of the existence of the Higgs boson, for instance, is one of the most recent triumphs of big data analysis in physics. Digital representations of biological systems have become more comprehensive. This, in combination with advances in machine learning, creates exciting new research possibilities. In this paper, we review the state of big data in bioanalytical research and provide an overview of the guidelines for its proper usage.

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