Introducing three new ABC Editors

At ABC, we recently had the opportunity to bring three new Editors onto our team: Antje Baeumner, Maria Moreno-Bondi, and Luigi Mondello. These new Editors are based in the key ABC co-owner-society countries of Germany, Italy, and Spain. Importantly, our new Editors also bring with them strong worldwide connections beyond Europe, in Asia, North America, and Latin America. Indeed, our new Editors’ European roots with international ties might be considered indicative of ABC’s trajectory from its European foundation to an increasingly global presence. To help you get to know our new Editors better, we introduce them here:

Antje J. Baeumner is Director of the Institute of Analytical Chemistry, Chemo- and Biosensors at the University of Regensburg. Prior to returning to Germany, she was Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, USA, where she had spent all of her professional career until 2013. Currently, she serves as President of the International Association of Environmental Analytical Chemistry (IAEAC); she serves in the leadership team of the biosensor section of the German Chemical Society and is Chair of the 2020 Gordon Research Conference on Nanotechnology for Agriculture and Food Systems.

Her research is focused on the development of biosensors and microTotal Analysis Systems for the detection of pathogens and toxins in food, for the environment, and for clinical diagnostics. Her research includes the development of novel nanomaterials such as liposomes, nanofibers, and nanoparticles, and platform technologies for microfluidic biosensors, sample preparation strategies, and point-of-care devices. Challenges associated with bioanalytical chemistry in resource-limited settings drive much of the efforts. She has published over 110 papers in high-ranking analytical journals, has been awarded 7 patents, and has received extensive funding supporting her research activities. Previously, she chaired the Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on Bioanalytical Sensors in 2010 and organized and chaired the international biosensor conference BBMEC in 2001 and 2015. She has received numerous awards for her research including being a finalist of the Blavatnik Award, a senior fellow of the Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation, and Mercator Professor of the German Science Foundation and has received numerous teaching awards (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1

Antje Baeumner

Maria C. Moreno-Bondi received her Ph.D. (1990) from Complutense University of Madrid. She has carried out research stages at Columbia University (NY), the Oak Ridge National Lab (TN, USA), and the Naval Research Laboratory (DC, USA) focused on the development of luminescent methods, optical fiber sensors, and microarrays for environmental, food, and clinical applications. She got tenure in 1991, and since 2008, she has been Full Professor of Analytical Chemistry at Complutense University of Madrid.

She is currently Department Chair at the Analytical Chemistry Department at Complutense University of Madrid, President of the Society of Applied Spectroscopy, and co-leader of the Chemical Optosensors and Applied Photochemistry Group (GSOLFA). She has published over 115 papers in high-ranking analytical journals and has been awarded 11 patents, some of them in collaboration with several companies. She received the Young Researcher’s Award from the Spanish Society of Analytical Chemistry in 1993 and the Research Award in Analytical Chemistry from the Royal Spanish Society of Chemistry in 2010. Her research interests are focused on the development of optical sensors, biosensors, and molecular recognition (nano)materials for food, clinical, and environmental analysis (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2

Maria C. Moreno-Bondi

Luigi Mondello is Full Professor of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Messina, Italy. His research is focused on multidimensional instrumentation and dedicated software, LC, GC, SFC, and hybrid combinations, mainly hyphenated to state-of-the-art MS. Advanced technologies are applied for the analytical characterization of complex and unknown samples, as well as for assessment of the impact of bioactive molecules on biochemistry in living organisms. He has co-authored around 400 scientific papers (h-index of 53 in Scopus database) and has shared research projects and collaborations with universities and corporations all around the world (e.g., USA, South America, China, and Japan). He splits his work time between research and seminars/meetings, as documented by over 1000 conference presentations, among which were 200 invited talks. He is a permanent member of the scientific committee of international symposia (ISCC, ISEO, HTC, SIMCRO, COLACRO), and since 2012, he has been Chairman of the ISCC Symposium, featuring advances from leading academia and industrial experts in the field of miniaturized separation techniques, comprehensive chromatography, and mass spectrometry, with an attendance of >700 participants from 43 countries.

In recognition of the global visibility and innovation of his research, he has received several awards, including the prestigious Robert Kellner Lecture Award assigned by the Division of Analytical Chemistry of the EuCheMS (EUROANALYSIS XIX, 2017). The Analytical Scientist Journal named him on the “Power List” of the top 100 most influential people in analytical sciences worldwide and the “Magnificent Tens” in the field of Separation Science (Fig. 3).

Fig. 3

Luigi Mondello

These three internationally recognized analytical chemists now serving as Editors provide ABC with expanded expertise in separations, sensors, nanomaterials, and much more. ABC’s Editors, from the founding ones to these three newest additions, look forward to receiving your manuscripts describing novel work at the forefront of analytical and bioanalytical chemistry.

Adam T. Woolley


Chair Editor, ABC

Antje J. Baeumner


Editor, ABC

Maria C. Moreno-Bondi


Editor, ABC

Luigi Mondello


Editor, ABC

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