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Table 3 Uncertainty budget for the baby food material

From: Two-dimensional heart-cut LC-LC improves accuracy of exact-matching double isotope dilution mass spectrometry measurements of aflatoxin B1 in cereal-based baby food, maize, and maize-based feed

Item Value Contribution
w Z 2.091(30) ng/g u(w Z ) 25 %
m Y,1 0.23302(07) g  
m X,1 2.00594(01) g  
m Z,1 0.22059(07) g  
m Yc,1 0.23302(07) g  
\( {\overline{R}}_1 \) 0.937(23) u(\( {\overline{R}}_1 \)) 75 %
w X,i 0.217(6) ng/g
0.184(7) ng/g
0.203(9) ng/g
0.198(7) ng/g
0.191(9) ng/g
0.187(5) ng/g
w T 0.197(9) ng/g u(\( {\overline{w}}_X \)) 34 %
u(F X ) 66 %
  1. The first six rows represent the terms of Eq. 2; the row labeled w X,i lists the six individual results (in italics the result corresponding to the first six rows); w T is the result of Eq. 4; the number in parentheses is the numerical value of u c referred to the corresponding last digits of the quoted result; the last column shows the percent contribution to the respective u c