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Isotope ratio measurements with a fully simultaneous Mattauch–Herzog ICP-MS

  • Dirk ArdeltEmail author
  • Aleksandra Polatajko
  • Oliver Primm
  • Maurice Reijnen
Technical Note


A fully simultaneous ICP-MS, based on a compact Mattauch–Herzog geometry with a permanent magnet and a large, spatially resolving semiconductor ion detector covering the complete inorganic relevant mass range from 6Li to 238U in a single measurement, has been used to determine isotope ratios and assess achievable isotope ratio precisions. Measurements of the 235/238U isotopic ratio, chosen as example for an isotopic system with a disparate isotope ratio, yielded a precision of 0.05 % relative. To evaluate the expected multi-isotope ratio measurement capabilities of the system used, several isotope ratios spanning a wide range (6/7Li, 84/86Sr, 87/86Sr, 88/86Sr, 204/207Pb, 206/207Pb and 208/207Pb) were measured simultaneously, using a synthetic multi-element standard as sample. Very satisfying isotope ratio precisions, between 0.5 and 0.04 % relative, depending on the isotope ratio in question were found during the simultaneous multi-isotope ratio measurements. Together with a brief description of the system and measurement procedures employed for this technical note, the results achieved are assessed in view of other existing ICP-MS-based isotope ratio techniques.


Fully simultaneous Mattauch-Herzog geometry MS with a spatially resolving semiconductor ion detector (schematic)


IR-ICP-MS Fully simultaneous ICP-MS Mattauch–Herzog geometry Spatially resolving semiconductor ion detector Simultaneous multi-element IR-ICP-MS 


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  • Aleksandra Polatajko
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  • Oliver Primm
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  • Maurice Reijnen
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