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Biocatalytic reactors based on ribonuclease A immobilized on macroporous monolithic supports


Immobilized enzyme reactors (IMERs) produced by the covalent attachment of ribonuclease A to macroporous methacrylate-based monolithic supports using different experimental approaches are discussed and compared. Enzyme immobilization was carried out by direct covalent binding, as well as through attachment via a polymer spacer. The kinetic properties of an IMER operating in either recirculation mode or zonal elution mode were studied. Additionally, the effect of flow rate on the bioconversion efficiency of each IMER sample was examined.

Enzyme immobilization via aldehyde-bearing macromolecular spacer on the surface of epoxy-containing monoliths

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This work was supported by the Russian Foundation of Basic Research (grant RFBR #11-03-00829-a) and the Russian Federal Program “Research and scientific-pedagogical personnel of innovative Russia in 2009–2013” (contract #14.740.11.0382). The authors are very grateful to BIA Separations Company (Ljubljana, Slovenia) for their kind donation of the CIM disks.

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Correspondence to T. B. Tennikova.

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Published in the topical collection Monolithic Columns in Liquid Phase Separations with guest editor Luis A. Colon.

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A'dditional figures (as noted in the text) are available on the journal website.


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  • Polymer monoliths
  • Enzyme immobilization
  • Flow-through immobilized enzyme reactors
  • Polymer spacer