Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry

, Volume 396, Issue 1, pp 421–441 | Cite as

Two-dimensional liquid chromatography of synthetic polymers

  • Dušan BerekEmail author


Two-dimensional liquid chromatography, 2D-LC of synthetic polymers is critically assessed. Similarities and differences of 2D-LC of low-molecular-mass and polymeric substances are reviewed. The rationale of application of 2D-LC to macromolecular substances is discussed. Basic information on retention mechanisms in liquid chromatography of synthetic polymers is furnished. The principles, reasons, and significance of coupling of retention mechanisms are explained. The resulting separation processes are elucidated, and the technical concepts of the corresponding experimental arrangements are described. The benefits of 2D-LC are demonstrated together with numerous problems and shortcomings of the method.


Schematic diagram of contour plot of the results of 2D-LC separation. A complex polymer system contains three constituents, each with both composition and molar mass distribution. Sample concentration is visualized by use of color, with concentration increasing from blue to yellow.


Synthetic polymers Liquid chromatography Two-dimensional separations Combinations of exclusion (entropic) and interaction (enthalpic) retention mechanisms 



This work was supported by the Slovak grant agencies VEGA (Vedecká grantová agentúra; project 2/0171/09) and APVV (Agentúra na podporu vedy a výskumu; project 0592-07). Thanks also to Mrs J. Tarbajovska for drawing the schemes.


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