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Shipboard analysis of picomolar levels of manganese in seawater by chelating resin concentration and chemiluminescence detection

  • Takashi DoiEmail author
  • Hajime Obata
  • Masahiro Maruo
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A new shipboard analytical method for determining picomolar levels of manganese in seawater has been developed. The method is based on a combination of chelating resin column extraction and improved chemiluminescence (CL) detection in a closed flow system. In this method, manganese in sample solution is selectively collected on newly-developed iminodiacetate-immobilized chelating resin, and then eluted with acidic solution containing hydrogen peroxide. The resulting eluent is mixed with luminol solution and aqueous ammonia after removal of iron ions by a chelating resin column, and then the mixture is introduced into the CL cell. The manganese concentration is obtained from the CL intensity. The detection limit (3SD) of manganese is 5 pmol L−1 from 9 mL of seawater sample. The method was applied to seawater samples collected at the Okinawa Trough.


Shipboard analysis Manganese Seawater Chelating resin concentration Chemiluminescence 



We would like to thank Eiichiro Nakayama, who passed away on 17 December 2002, for his supervision and support. We are also grateful to the scientific group and the crew of the R.V. Hakuho-maru (KH-02-1 cruise) for their assistance during sample collection.


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  1. 1.Ocean Research InstituteUniversity of TokyoTokyoJapan
  2. 2.School of Environmental ScienceThe University of Shiga PrefectureShigaJapan

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