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Always learning: continuing education for industrial chemists (and others, too!)

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Building a Professional Career

Many chemists, when starting out their careers in industry or government laboratories, think that their education has been completed. Although they consciously know that they will continue to learn throughout the careers ahead of them, they do not often foresee taking classes in those futures. In reality, most companies and government agencies have programs supporting continuing education. Many companies even have continuing education as an element in performance reviews and career planning. They provide flexible schedules to accommodate the taking of classes and reimbursement funds to cover their cost. Thus, formal studies do not end upon finishing graduate school. They only become less intense, less frequent, and altered in their context and content.

There are many options in how chemists can continue their education after completing their degree work. There are formal ways, such as taking courses at nearby colleges and universities, taking short courses, taking correspondence or...


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