C → N coordination bonds in (CCC) → N +   (L) complexes

  • Neha Patel
  • Balu Falke
  • Prasad V. BharatamEmail author
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  1. First European Symposium on Chemical Bonding


Quantum chemical calculations were performed on a series of novel divalent NI compounds, CCC → N+ ← CO (1), CCC → N+ ← N2 (2), CCC → N+ ← PPh3 (3), CCC → N+ ← C(NH2)2 (4), CCC → N+ ← NHCMe (5) CCC → N+ ← N-methyl-4-pyridylidene (6) and CCC → N+ ← Cyclopropenylidene (7), where CCC is a carbocyclic carbene (cyclohexa-2,5-diene-4-(diaminomethynyl)-1-ylidene). Complete optimization of 3D structures indicates that the chosen structures are the global minima on their respective potential energy surfaces (tautomeric alternatives are much less stable). The CCC → N+ coordination bond length is in the range of 1.353–1.399 Å, supporting the C → N coordination bond character. This is also supplemented by very low CCC → N bond rotational barriers (> 8 kcal/mol). The CCC → N ← L angles are in the range of 118°–131°, suggesting that there is no heteroallene-type character at the central nitrogen atom. Electron localization function, lone pair occupancy calculations and partial charge analysis indicate the presence of excess electron density at the N+ centre. The nucleophilicity of the designed compounds was further measured by calculating the proton affinity and complexation energies with various Lewis acids like BH3, AlCl3 and AuCl at the N+ centre. All these studies suggest the presence of divalent NI character in the designed compounds 17.


Divalent NI compounds Donor–acceptor interactions Quantum chemical calculations N-heterocyclic carbenes Main group elements 



The authors thank Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi, India, for Senior Research Fellowship and Department of Science and Technology (DST) Government of India, New Delhi, India, for the financial support.


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