Theoretical study of C–X [X = Cl, Br] bond activation on aluminum nanoclusters

  • Tumpa Sadhukhan
  • Bipasa Samanta
  • Shaz Ali Ansari
  • Sourav PalEmail author
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The C–X [X = Cl, Br] bond dissociation is a challenging problem due to its high activation barrier. Many transition metal-based clusters, acting as catalysts, are known to dissociate this bond. We have carried out DFT-based calculation and found that small-sized aluminum clusters can break these bonds quite effectively with a high rate constant. Our analysis gives a detailed description of thermodynamics and kinetics of the reaction. Fukui functions and NBO calculation provide an insight into the reactivity and mechanism. Hence nanoaluminum clusters can dissociate C–X bond with a lower activation barrier compared to the known gold or platinum catalysts.


Density functional theory Reactivity Bond activation Mechanism Aluminum Cluster 



T.S. and S.P. acknowledge the J.C. Bose Fellowship grant of DST. B.S. thanks Indian Institute Technology Bombay for JRF (Junior Research Fellowship). We also thank I.I.T. Bombay computer center facility.

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  • Bipasa Samanta
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  • Shaz Ali Ansari
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  • Sourav Pal
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