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On the enthalpy of formation of thiophene

  • Pablo A. DenisEmail author
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Thiophene is an important contaminant of petroleum-derived fuels, and it also plays an important role in molecular electronics. We have calculated the enthalpy of formation of thiophene employing the CCSD(T) methodology and the cc-pV(X + d)Z X = T,Q,5 basis sets. At the CCSD(T)/CBS limit and including corrections for scalar relativistic effects, anharmonic effects, spin–orbit and core-valence correlation effects, the estimated enthalpy of formation is 25.15 -1 +0.5  kcal/mol. Our estimation is 2.3 kcal/mol lower than the experimental value. The discrepancies between experiment and theory are expected to be increased if higher-order correlation effects are taken into account. Thus, a new determination of the experimental value is highly recommended. Finally, we discuss the problems faced to make this estimation, in particular the determination of accurate Zero-point energy corrections and the evaluation of core-valence correlation effects.


Correlation consistent basis sets Sulfur compounds Thiophene 



The author acknowledges CSIC, ANII and PEDECIBA, (UNESCO PNUD) for financial support.


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