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Calculation of acidic dissociation constants in water: solvation free energy terms. Their accuracy and impact

  • Nina Sadlej-SosnowskaEmail author
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Three polarizable continuum models, DPCM, CPCM, and IEFPCM, have been applied to calculate free energy differences for nine neutral compounds and their anions. On the basis of solvation free energies, the pKa values were obtained for the compounds in question by using three thermodynamic cycles: one, involving the combined experimental and calculated data, as well as two other cycles solely with calculated data. This paper deals with the influence of factors such as the SCRF model applied, choice of a particular thermodynamic cycle, atomic radii used to build a cavity in the solvent (water), optimization of geometry in water, inclusion of electron correlation, and the dimension of the basis set on the solvation free energies and on the calculated pKa values.


Solvation free energy Acidity pKa Polarizable continuum model 


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