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Interelectronic angle densities of atoms in momentum space

  • Toshikatsu KogaEmail author


For the 102 atoms from He to Lr in their ground states, the Hartree–Fock interelectronic angle densities,¯A(¯θ12), in momentum space are reported, where ¯θ12 is the angle between the momentum vectorsp1 and p2 of two electrons. In the first three atoms, He–Be, ¯A(¯θ12) is found to be uniform independent of ¯θ12, while in the remaining 99 atoms,¯A(¯θ12) is larger for a large ¯θ12 than for a small ¯θ12. Accordingly, the average interelectronic angles in momentum space are 90° precisely for the three atoms and greater than 90° for the 99 atoms.


Interelectronic angles Two-electron densities Atoms Momentum space 


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This work was supported in part by a Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research from the Ministry of Education of Japan.

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