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Higher Siegel theta lifts on Lorentzian lattices, harmonic Maass forms, and Eichler–Selberg type relations

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Mathematische Zeitschrift Aims and scope Submit manuscript


We investigate so-called “higher” Siegel theta lifts on Lorentzian lattices in the spirit of Bruinier–Ehlen–Yang and Bruinier–Schwagenscheidt. We give a series representation of the lift in terms of Gauss hypergeometric functions, and evaluate the lift as the constant term of a Fourier series involving the Rankin–Cohen bracket of harmonic Maass forms and theta functions. Using the higher Siegel lifts, we obtain a vector-valued analogue of Mertens’ result stating that the Rankin–Cohen bracket of the holomorphic part of a harmonic Maass form of weight \(\frac{3}{2}\) and a unary theta function, plus a certain form, is a holomorphic modular form. As an application of these results, we offer a novel proof of a conjecture of Cohen which was originally proved by Mertens, as well as a novel proof of a theorem of Ahlgren and Kim, each in the scalar-valued case.

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  1. Note that the authors there use a different signature convention than the current paper.

  2. The paper [3] also used the higher Millson theta lift.

  3. For the \(j=0\) case Ahlgren and Kim explicitly showed equality with the quasi-modular Eisenstein series \(\frac{1}{12}E_2\).


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The author thanks Markus Schwagenscheidt for many insightful conversations on the contents of the paper, in particular suggesting the connection to Theorems 1.2 and 1.3, as well as useful comments on previous versions of the paper. The author would also like to thank Jan Bruinier and Andreas Mono for helpful comments on an earlier draft of the paper. The research conducted for this paper is supported by the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS). The research and findings may not reflect those of the Institute.

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Correspondence to Joshua Males.

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