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The spectral rigidity of complex projective spaces, revisited



A classical question in spectral geometry is, for each pair of nonnegative integers (pn) such that \(p\le 2n\), if the eigenvalues of the Laplacian on p-forms of a compact Kähler manifold are the same as those of \({\mathbb {C}}P^n\) equipped with the Fubini-Study metric, then whether or not this Kähler manifold is holomorphically isometric to \({\mathbb {C}}P^n\). For every positive even number p, we affirmatively solve this problem in all dimensions n with at most two possible exceptions. We also clarify in this paper some gaps in previous literature concerned with this question, among which one is related to the volume estimate of Fano Kähler–Einstein manifolds.


Spectrum Rigidity Complex projective space Fano Kähler–Einstein manifold Volume 

Mathematics Subject Classification

58J50 58C40 53C55 



I would like to thank Yinhe Peng and Wei Xu for finding out the paper [15] from Canada and sending it to me.


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