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Noncommutative rigidity

  • Published:
Mathematische Zeitschrift Aims and scope Submit manuscript


In this article we prove that the numerical Grothendieck group of every smooth proper dg category is invariant under primary field extensions, and also that the mod-n algebraic K-theory of every dg category is invariant under extensions of separably closed fields. As a byproduct, we obtain an extension of Suslin’s rigidity theorem, as well as of Yagunov-Østvær’s equivariant rigidity theorem, to singular varieties. Among other applications, we show that base-change along primary field extensions yields a faithfully flat morphism between noncommutative motivic Galois groups. Finally, along the way, we introduce the category of n-adic noncommutative mixed motives.

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  1. Recall that a field extension l / k is called primary if the algebraic closure of k in l is purely inseparable over k. Whenever k is algebraically closed, every field extension l / k is primary.

  2. For the Tannakian formalism, we invite the reader to consult [3,4,5]. Roughly speaking, the Tannakian formalism provides a characterization of the symmetric monoidal abelian categories of linear representations of algebraic groups.

  3. Recall that a commutative ring k is called connected if \(\mathrm {Spec}(k)\) is a connected topological space or, equivalently, if k does not contain non-trivial idempotent elements.

  4. Recall that the smooth compactification \(\overline{C}\) is unique up to isomorphism.


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The author is grateful to Joseph Ayoub and Ivan Panin for useful discussions, to Oliver Röndigs and Paul Arne Østvær for references, and to Charles Vial for comments on a previous version. The author is also thankful to the anonymous referees for their comments and to the Mittag-Leffler Institute for its hospitality.

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Correspondence to Gonçalo Tabuada.

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The author was supported by the NSF CAREER Award #1350472 and by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology Grant PEst-OE/MAT/UI0297/2014.

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