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Basic Morse–Novikov cohomology for foliations


In this paper we find sufficient conditions for the vanishing of the Morse–Novikov cohomology on Riemannian foliations. We work out a Bochner technique for twisted cohomological complexes, obtaining corresponding vanishing results. Also, we generalize for our setting vanishing results from the case of closed Riemannian manifolds. Several examples are presented, along with applications in the context of l.c.s. and l.c.K. foliations.

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The authors thank the referee for very carefully reading a first version of the paper and for his or her most useful suggestions.

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Correspondence to Vladimir Slesar.

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L.O. is partially supported by CNCS UEFISCDI, Project Number PN-II-ID-PCE-2011-3-0118.

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  • Riemannian foliations
  • Morse–Novikov cohomology
  • Locally conformally symplectic manifolds

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